Why Winter Is The Best Time To Install Your Air Conditioning

Bedroom in Winter with Air Conditioning

Summer Bodies are made in winter right? Likewise-winter is the right time to install your Air conditioning, so that you are ready and comfortable come summer time.


It All Comes Down To Planning

Summer in Queensland can reach scorching hot temperatures, and if there is anything worse than having a broken air conditioner, it’s not having one at all!

Every year summer rolls around and we are inundated with calls and emails from those who left their air conditioning needs till the last minute. Because of this, summer is the busiest time of the year and you might be left waiting for weeks or more before we can schedule an appointment.

Ultimately, planning your air conditioning early is the key and will help you avoid the un-needed stress of feeling hot and uncomfortable come summertime. Below are some HOT tips to help you consider when you want to plan your installation.

  • Many well-known air conditioning brands will run deals in the cooler months on their ducted air conditioning and split systems which in turn can help you save on costs as opposed to rising costs in high demand times like summer
  • Installing Air Conditioning in the winter gives you the added benefits of ‘reverse cycle’ which means you can keep comfortable and warm in the cooler months
  • You don’t have to wait weeks on end to cool down when summer hits

If You Already Have Air Conditioning In Your Home

  • Winter time is a great time to test your air conditioning for any issues you may have had last summer that you forgot about. This way you can get a head start on having them fixed and ready to go for the summer heat!
  • It’s also a great time to consider upgrading any old systems you may have to avoid future breakdowns or to upgrade to newer control systems. Overall, zoning can be a great way to save on excess costs come summertime.