MyLights – Why you should consider using them?

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The newest technology made easy and affordable.

First there was MyAir and now there is MyLights – it certainly seems like the guys at Advantage air are doing something right, as these products are ridiculously good.

MyLights is the newest in smart lighting, focusing on comfort, energy efficiency and aesthetics making this new technology an asset to any home. We at Anrac have compiled a list of our favorite features which may assist you in making the switch to MyLights or using them in your new build home.


MyLights seamlessly integrates with the MyAir air-conditioning system all from the comfort of the one touch screen controller.



Just like MyAir – MyLights can be operated from your smart phone AP, allowing you to turn your lights on or off at any time from your sofa, bed or even work.

Added security

One of our favourite features is the MyLights ‘added security’ because factors like arriving home to a dark house in the evenings can feel daunting –  BUT not to worry, you can now turn your lights on before you arrive from the comfort of your smart phone AP. What’s even better is you can also turn lights on when you’re away on holiday to give the impression someone is home.

Energy Efficiency

MyLights use LED lighting, which generally are much more energy efficient then halogen lights, saving you money in the long run. As another function MyEco dims your lights to 80% (Trust us, you won’t even notice the lighting difference) but you will notice a huge drop in your power spending’s!

energy efficiency

Thanks to Advantage Air, there are some great informative tips and information about both the MyAir and MyLights products on their website. In addition, we at Anrac are more than happy to answer your questions about these products and how you can incorporate them into your lives.

Just a tip – MyLights is suitable for any new build home and can be retrofitted to any existing single story homes, once again if you want to know the nitty gritty just ask us!