Comfort is feeling totally in control – so MyAir gives you 10 zones and the power to adjust the airflow to every room.

Comfort is being surrounded by people who make you laugh – so MyAir’s control panel lets you Facebook, email and watch crazy cat videos on YouTube. Comfort is reliability – so MyAir’s components are made in Australia.


8-inch touchscreen

The control panel doubles as an Android tablet to become a central home hub with wireless connection via WiFi, you can check the weather, the family calendar, email, play music, order groceries, monitor energy usage…It’s wired to the wall and never needs charging, so it’s always where you need it when you need it.


MyAir App

MyAir App turns your smartphone or tablet into a full wireless remote control. You can control the entire system from the comfort of your bed or couch – because you shouldn’t have to get up, to get comfy.


10 Zones

10 Zones mean each room is zoned individually. Comfort is personal so MyAir lets you control which rooms receive conditioned air and how much. By giving you the ability to only run the air-con in the rooms you are using, MyAir even keeps your electricity bills in the comfort zone.


Individual room temperature control

Individual room temperature control eliminates hot and cold spots. MyAir lets you adjust the airflow to any room from 5% to 100%. Want even more precise temperature control? Upgrade to temperature sensors in every room.

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