What’s the Difference Between MyAir and Standard Controllers?

ducted ac controller

There are many factors to consider when deciding on the control system for your ducted air conditioning. Lets explore the options:

Power Efficiency: Why Standard Controls Could Cost You

One of the main factors would be considering the power efficiency and ways to reduce your power bill over the year.

When you purchase a ducted air conditioner system, there will be a stock standard controller, this is generally a basic control with on and off, temperatures and fan settings. A standard controller doesn’t allow the options of zoning your rooms, meaning when your air conditioning unit is on- it’s running in every room, and this can eat through your power bill. It can also be tricky, when some individuals in the home like the temperature cooler and others like it warmer- so sometimes finding that happy medium for your lifestyle can be hard.

Control Everyone’s Comfort

A zoning control system like MyAir on the other hand has a range of features and options to suit ducted air conditioning. The MyAir control system is all about comfort. The key feature to this system are its zoning options, and unlike some zoning controllers on the market the MyAir allows up to 10 zones in your home. This gives you the power to adjust the airflow and temperature in every room, meaning each room can be set to a different temperature, or you can choose to have certain rooms operating at a time. Therefore, having less zones operating at once, you will have less wasted energy and more savings when it comes to your power bill.

Smart Technology For Smart Homes

There are plenty of other great factors about the MyAir system like temperature sensors, motion sensors, ability to operate your air conditioning from your smart phone AP and more. In addition, the MyAir controller is a smart looking tablet, which can be used to play music, browse the web or download recipes to use at home. All in all, using a system like the MyAir you can take control of the comfort of your home.

Clearly we have found a product we love, so if you are interested and want to know more get in touch with us here at Anrac and we can tell you the ins and outs! On another note-The MyAir system also goes hand in hand with Advantage air’s new MyLights!