Frequently Asked Questions


Which areas do you service?
We service the greater Brisbane area, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.
Can you work around furniture?
Yes, this is normally not an issue. We may need to move things from time to time if they are blocking an area we need access to.
How long can I expect a project to take?

The time needed will depend on whether or not we are installing a ducted system or a split system and whether or not the house is a new build or existing home.

  • A split system – Generally can take a few hours to a day.
  • A ducted system – A new build will require generally two visits. One will be a ‘rough in’ usually once the roof is on your home, the second will be the ‘fit off’ typically done before or just after handover.
  • An existing home – An existing home can usually be done in one day, sometimes two, and is dependent on the amount of work that is required.
Do you clean after installation?

Yes, we will leave your home as it was before we arrived. We like to make sure our installation is as smooth as possible leaving you with a clean, fresh, finished product.

However, it is important to note that we are not painters or builders and as such we will outline in your quote any inclusions and exclusions of an installation if such services are needed.

Do you have a workmanship guarantee?

Anrac takes great pride in our workmanship.We offer 5 years warranty on installation, materials and workmanship.

Each Air conditioner brand ranges in years for warranty and these too sometimes change due to specials or current promotions. It is best to ask this at the time you are looking for a quote.

In addition, Anrac are also a warranty agent for most reputable air conditioning brands, so if you ever have a problem you can just call us.

My AC is not working what’s next?

You can call us here at Anrac and we can then either schedule a service and have one of our service technicians come out to assess the problem or provide a quotation to repair. Sometimes the issue can be minor and we can discuss this with you over the phone. Or alternatively you can call the sales support team for the brand of air conditioner that is installed in your home and they can direct you.

What brand of AC do you work with?

We can offer you all the reputable brands available on the market.

Do you provide details on where you put the AC vents or split AC?

Yes, we provide you with a ductwork layout design for the air conditioning in your home. This will outline the exact place we will put vents, ductwork, grilles and the units.

What experience does ANRAC have?

Anrac Electrical’s experience extends to,

  • Domestic air conditioning design, supply and installation.
  • Commercial air conditioning design, supply and installation.
  • Scheduled service contracts and breakdown service.
  • All electrical associated with air conditioning and ventilation.
  • Mechanical electrical design, installation and commissioning.
  • Mechanical Services Switch Board (MSSB) design, build and installation.
  • Air conditioning control to allow for energy efficiency.
  • Electrical services.
Do I need to talk to an electrician to get the wiring for AC right?

Unlike many air conditioning companies, Anrac Electrical and Air Conditioning is both an electrical and air conditioning company. Therefore we can offer a turn key solution for all your air conditioning requirements.

How soon can you install my new air conditioner?

Once you accept the quote, we will endeavour to install your air conditioner as soon as you would like. This will depend on the availability of our staff and when our orders of stock can arrive.

What can I expect in your quote?

Our quote will include a fixed price valid for 30 days from the date stated on the quote. It will also have a detailed description of the installation complete with a plan of the installation laid over your house plan. This means you can see at a glance where all the items of plant and parts are located.

Do you have a maintenance plan?

Yes, we can supply a maintenance schedule to suit your needs and will remind you by email when your scheduled service is due.

How can I choose the correct sized system for my house?

It makes sense that an undersized air conditioning unit will struggle with keeping a large room cold in summer and warm in winter, but installing a system that’s too big for a room has its problems too. An oversized air conditioner causes the room to cool prematurely and as a result the air has no time to dehumidify.

Therefore to create the perfect environment in your home it’s best to book an appointment with one of our highly skilled technicians. On arrival our technician will investigate the design and existing insulation of your house, plus the number and size of the rooms you’d like cooled. From a visit, or a detailed discussion our installation designers will be able to quote you on the perfect unit that will perfect the temperature of your home all year round.

What is the difference between an Inverter and a Non-Inverter Air conditioner?

Inverter air conditioners are generally preferred for the following reasons;

  • They operate with minimal sound.
  • They are better at handling greater extremes in temperature and they still manage to be more economical to operate and durable

On the other hand the Non-Inverter air conditioners are better suited to certain people, as they reach wanted temperatures faster than inverter split systems.

Why does a mist discharge from the outdoor fans when the heating mode is used?

When the outdoor temperature is below 6°C it is common for air conditioners to defrost. During the defrosting stage a warm water vapour, the mist, releases from the outdoor fans.

Why is my ducted air conditioner only working in certain parts of the house?

Often ducted air conditioning systems are designed to only work in certain areas of the house (zones) at a time. Check that the zone switch is turned on.

How often must I clean my air filter?

Generally when your Air Conditioner is due for cleaning the filter warning light flashes, yet in a domestic situation it is a good idea to try and aim to clean the air filters on a quarterly basis as it will keep your system running smoothly and lower chances of breathing in unhealthy air. If the air conditioner is in a commercial building, it should be cleaned once a month.

To help prolong the life of your air conditioner, Anrac offers it’s clients scheduled maintenance services. The service not only includes cleaning the unit, but Anrac remind you when a service is due and our technicians check to make sure that the unit is working at its highest performance.

If you still need help solving a problem please contact Anrac Air Conditioning and Mechanical Services for more expert advice.