Everything You Need To Know About Ducted AC

Ducted Ac in open plan kitchen

Ducted air conditioning is the most efficient cooling system for homes and businesses on the market today. Ducted Air Conditioners can cool every room in your home or office using just one system.

Through one system, you can keep you temperature of your bedroom cool and inviting for cosy sleep; living room little balmy for perfect party; your kids room comfortable for their daily activities and much more.

In general Ducted AC is the ideal cooling system for Queensland climate and big houses with more than 3 bedrooms. It allows for complete control of the temperature inside the premise. This system can also be combined with a dehumidifier to lower the amount of moisture for maximum comfort.

How Does Ducted AC Work?

Ducted air conditioning works by funnelling cool air from a central unit (usually installed in your roof) through a series of ducts to every room in your home. The circulation of air is usually zoned, that allows you to control airflow, temperature and turning off any zones. This reduces the running cost and allows to have temperature of house comfortable for Queensland’s climate with hot summers and cold winters.

When is Ducted AC the Right Choice?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following points, then ducted AC is the right choice for you and your family:

  • Want full control over temperature and zone control room-by-room?
  • Have valuable possessions (furniture, books, antiques) that maybe damaged by humidity.
  • Want an even air distribution in your home or office during those stifling hot summer days?
  • Want to have energy efficient system to cool/warm/maintain the temperature of your entire home or office?
  • Do you want least noise in your house or office?
  • Are you constructing a new home or doing major renovations?

The Advantages of Ducted AC

1. Save on Electricity Costs

If a house has more than 3 Air conditioned rooms, then ducted AC will provide better energy efficiency as compared to the maintenance costs for several different AC units.

Generally ducted AC for instance from Daikin comes with inverter based system that continually adjusts its cooling and heating output in accordance with the temperature in the room.  Once the desired temperature is reached, inverter technology ensures it is constantly maintained – keeping you comfortable and at the same time running more efficiently.

2. No Noise

With all the noise producing agents farthest from air vents ducted AC is the quietest. The system is even quieter than split AC systems which are so noisy in comparison!

3. More Control and Flexibility

With ducted AC, you have much greater control over how you cool your home when compared to other AC systems. For example, with the MyAir app you can control which rooms to cool from your smartphone.

4. Controlled Temperature with Zoned AC

Another big advantage to ducted AC is the ability to install zoned air conditioning. A zoned AC system allows you to adjust the temperature in individual rooms.

Ducted AC that is zoned will reduce electricity costs while maintaining a very comfortable living and working environment. At night, you can easily lower the temperature in only the bedrooms to ensure a good night’s sleep. This means you avoid the expense of cooling the entire house for no reason.

In a business setting, you can cool the office or workshop, while leaving storage areas uncooled. This will ensure a comfortable work environment without needless expenses.

5. Ducted AC Units saves wall space!

Some houses do not ugly box-like split system AC units! Since ductwork usually runs under the floor or in the ceiling, ducted AC units are out of sight.

The central outdoor unit can easily be concealed in the backyard, while the indoor unit will be out of sight in the ceiling or under the floor. This allows your wall space to be used how you want it to be.

6. Ducted AC Adds Value to Your Home

Because it is a superior air conditioning system and more permanent in nature, ducted AC adds more value to your home when it comes to selling your house.

7. Protect Your Family’s Health

This applies to most ACs, especially the reverse-cycle air-conditioning ones. The ducted AC takes the moisture from the air and allows temperature control. This is beneficial for asthma patients, elderly people, children and people with compromised immune systems.

8.  Marathon Runner

A regular serviced Ducted AC should easily go beyond 15 years. We have installed some  10 years ago our clients just have their ducted AC serviced regularly and we have not complaints from them swith maintenance plans have their ducted AC lasting more than 10 years.

The Disadvantages of Ducted AC

1. Installation Cost

Despite the long-term savings, the initial costs of installing the ducted AC is bit high.

2. Needs Careful Planning

Ducted AC installations needs careful planning and attention. The location of the grills and registers plays an important part for optimal and efficient performance.

We have had so many projects where clients have called us to fix their existing ducted system that are either not planned or executed properly.

At Anrac, you do not have to worry about this. We draw the complete house plan, yes the complete house plan! We show the position of all the ducts, grills, zones and outdoor unit. We give detailed information on noise levels, efficiency, best practices and advices. Sometime the best advice may be not to install Ducted AC!

 3. Ducted AC is suitable for select Premises

The type of house construction, ceiling cavity and outdoor area size influence the choice of ducted AC and hence some houses may not be able to take advantage of ducted AC. The only way to find out if your premise is suitable is to get a quote from a professional AC installation firm.

4. It needs Experts for Optimal Performance

Ducted AC are little bit complex than installing a split AC. As we explained above, along with proper planning and installation you need the best parts in building the ducted system.

For instance, the Ducts used in the system need to be of highest thermal “R” rating quality and offers long-term insulation. We use the duct system recommended by the ducting industry association, ADMA to meet the Australian standard.

Similar process applies for energy efficiency. All our ducted AC exceeds Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) set by Australian legislations regarding energy efficiency.

Since Anrac Electrical also offers electrical services, we provide services for installing 3 phase lines that offers the best reliability and efficiency for your ducted AC.

Therefore, you have one point of contact who will handle the project from start to finish.

ANRAC also offers the MyAir app, one of the most advanced air-conditioning control products on the market. The Australian-made MyAir allows users to fully adjust the temperature and airflow in up to 10 rooms.

The MyAir App allows complete air conditioning control even via smartphone or tablet. This means you can turn down the AC when you leave home in the morning, and turn it up from the office before you head home.

If you want more control, you can add sensors that allow for full individual room temperature control.

Get in the experts!

ANRAC works closely with homeowners and businesses on every stage of the planning process. An ANRAC consultant will examine the property and provide a detailed plan for a ducted AC system.

ANRAC makes the process simple and enjoyable by offering a solution customised to each home and business. Since ANRAC is also an electrical contractor, they employ master electricians. This further reduces costs by keeping all electrical work in house. There is also a five year warranty on all labour work.

If you are interested in a new ducted AC system, ANRAC will provide a full quote. The quote includes total price estimation and a full design of the system (with diagrams that show exactly where the AC duct will be installed). This way you will be able to see how much you will have to pay before you sign a contract.

If ducted air conditioning is not a viable solution, ANRAC also offers a complete range of Split and Multi-Split Conditioners and HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems.

For a free quote, simply call 07 3860 6555 to speak with one of our friendly consultants. You can also email your enquiry to admin@anracelectrical.com.au