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Lower Electricity Costs

Lower Electricity Costs

Ducted AC provides better energy efficiency than a house with more than 3 Air conditioned rooms.

Marathon Runner

Marathon Runner

A regular serviced Ducted AC should easily go beyond 15 years. Yes we have stories to share!

Zoning Advantage

Zoning Advantage

Adjust the temperature in individual rooms to increase comfort & reduce electricity costs.

Energy Efficient Systems

Energy Efficient Systems

All our ducted ACs comply with the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS).

Ducted AC Specialsts

Turn Key Solutions

At Anrac, we offer you a ‘turn key’ solution to make the process as simple and enjoyable as possible. We have built a reputation that we are proud of for being reliable, affordable and understanding when it comes to our client’s needs.

Word of mouth is a huge contribution to our sales and it’s because we continuously complete each job to the highest satisfaction.

Get a FREE Comprehensive Consult

  1. Professional & Expert Communication

    At Anrac we are more than happy to work with you through the process and can explain all the steps along the way. We explain the pros and cons of all AC systems and recommend you the ideal solution for your house.

  2. Accurate & Free Custom AC Plan

    We ask for your house plans or draw the complete house plan and calculate the heat loads required for you home and each room.We show the position of all the ducts, grills, zones and outdoor unit.

  3. Energy Efficiency & Quality

    Ducted AC installations needs careful planning and installation, this plays an important part for optimal and efficient performance. We provide detailed advice on everything to help you have an optimal ducted AC system.

  4. Advice on New technology, Zoning & Automations

    As an industry expert, we implement the latest gadgets and tools to give maximal confort and convenience. We offer advice on sensor based AC controls, AC’s brands, warranty information and after sales service.

Why Choose Anrac ?

  1. Quality

    We believe in honesty and quality when it comes to quoting and completing a job. We will never lessen the quality of our work, or undersize your air conditioning to win a job.

  2. Reliability

    If we have scheduled a job then we will be there. Once we complete each job, we will then update our systems to remind you when it is time to service or check on your system.

  3. Knowledge

    Our staff are a myriad of knowledge when it comes to air conditioning and electrical. We can guarantee you will feel confident and at ease going forward after speaking with us.

  4. Experience

    Over 20 years of experience in Electrical and Air Conditioning Industry. This combination helps us to manage end-to-end AC design, installation & maintenance.

  5. Qualifications

    All of our electrical and air conditioning contractors are fully licensed with years of experience. We are QBCC licensed and members of ARC and Master Electricians.

  6. Guarantee

    Anrac takes great pride in our workmanship and because of this we give 5 years guarantee on installation materials and workmanship.

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