Ducted Air Conditioning Cost

ducted ac single storey design

Queensland is home to some of the hottest summers in Australia, so if like most Queenslanders you are looking for a cooling solution for your home- ducted air conditioning is your best way to go.

Ballpark Figures

As a generalized idea on costs:

ducted ac single storey design

Standard 3-4 single story bedroom home price range –  $9000- $13000

duted ac double storey design

Multi-level home price range – $13000 + plus

We are more than happy to visit your home or your property and custom design a system to meet your specific requirements and maximize cost and efficiency.

Initially, when planning ducted air conditioning there are many aspects to consider and this will change the end costs you can expect to pay. As there are so many variables, it is not possible to give an accurate quote over the phone without taking in to consideration a range of factors.

Factors such as number of rooms you plan to have air-conditioned, the size of the home, how many floors, zoning arrangements and the brand of air conditioning units or controls- amongst other things also affect the final cost.

Factors affecting cost of the ducted AC

1. Ambient temperature of the day

In short, the ambient temperature refers to the current air temperature surrounding the air.  The ambient temperature is constantly changing based on the factors such as rooms that directly get affected by the sun in the mornings or afternoons, or rooms that are covered by tree shade.

2. Heat Load inside the house/ Zone usage

In the quoting stages, it is important to ensure the correct size air conditioning unit is chosen for your home in order for it to run efficiently. A few steps determine this:

Firstly, we calculate the heat load of your home – which refers to the amount of heat energy that is required in a room or space to maintain the desired temperature. This is determined in kilowatts (in short, this is a unit of energy).

To simplify this, for example: If you required 6 rooms air conditioned and the total heat load calculation of these rooms equalled 18kw- that would be the total amount of energy that is required from an air conditioning system to cool those spaces.

However, maximum zone usage is then applied (amount of people and or equipment being cooled, rooms that face the afternoon sun, how many zones/rooms are on at any time).

At Anrac, when we acquire your house plans or house dimensions, these are then uploaded and scaled to a specified program to accurately calculate these loads. It is important for us to calculate the overall heat load of air-conditioned spaces or rooms in your home in order to determine the appropriate capacity of the air conditioning system that is required.

We pride ourselves in our work, and believe in accuracy and efficiency therefore we will never undersize an air conditioning system just to win a job. At the end of the day, if a unit is too small it will have to work harder to cool your home, similarly if the unit is too big it will have short cooling and heating cycles which uses a lot of energy.

We truly believe- It is important to do things the right way from the beginning and the importance of having a professional calculate and determine the right size system before you invest your money.

3. Maximum zone usage

As mentioned above, let’s say your home has 6 zoned rooms that equal 18kw. Let’s then say there are 3 bedrooms, living, kitchen and dining. Think about how often it is likely that you would want all rooms to operate at the same time? In most situations, this will never be the case. For this reason, we aim for our air conditioning systems to be able to cover at least 80% of the house at any given time.

Additionally, if there are only a couple of people in your home then 80% may be a little excessive. In this situations we can afford to lower the capacity because you don’t need to condition any more than a couple of rooms at any given time. Therefore, for the above you would be looking at a 14-16kw unit.

4. Brand of Air Conditioner

At Anrac, we offer all reputable brands of air conditioning units and systems on the market. Every brand will be a different cost to the next and as consumers; you ultimately choose brands based on a range of factors. We can offer Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Samsung and more! During quoting, we can discuss with you price differences, pros and cons and any discounts or deals that your favourite brands are currently offering. The best thing to do is just ask!

5. The controller type

The control system you decide on for the air conditioning can make a considerable difference to the cost of the job. The biggest factor to consider is if you choose to zone or not zone your home. Zoning is the smartest and most efficient way to go when having a ducted air conditioning system for many reasons. However, other factors that affect price can be Wi-Fi access, how many control screens or remotes you would like and the cost of the materials required to install these systems. At Anrac, we are specialist dealers in the MyAir control systems and can speak to you in detail about the benefits of going ahead with these systems.

6. Type of grilles

When we design a ducted air conditioning system, we used standard white round grilles and in most cases, this is what our clients agree to. However, if you have a preference or are going for a certain type of look with your home, grilles can vary in costs. For example if you wish to have all steel powder coated bar grilles or cream coloured grilles to suit your walls these will be a different cost to the standard grilles on offer. If you have an idea what you are looking for please present it to us though and we will do our best to accommodate exactly what you are after.

7. Distance between the indoor and outdoor unit

This is an important factor to consider as costs can vary in materials and labour required. Basically, the longer the pipe(duct) runs the more expensive it will cost. Similar in our split system installations- a standard back to back installation(where indoor and outdoor unit are on the same wall but on the opposite sides)  is less expensive as opposed to an up and over installation(When the outdoor unit cannot be installed back to back, this is called an up and over and is usually due to building constraints or aesthetics and requires extra materials to be used during installation).

8. Size and layout of ceiling space

The size of your ceiling space and the way that your roof is designed (trusses, framework etc.) can change the cost of the installation. In most cases when building a new home, the builders and engineers will have allowances to ensure the trusses can be modified or strengthened to hold the air conditioning unit. However in some cases, especially in existing homes truss modifications may be required, in these cases we are more than happy to assist in engaging an engineer or the relevant trades as a variation to our quotes.

Happy to help

If you have any questions on costs or what to expect from a ducted air conditioning system, please feel free to contact us or give us a call to book a free consultation. Or if  you would like to learn more check out our other articles such as such as split vs ducted AC or details on ducted AC.