Building A New Home And Considering Ducted Air Conditioning?

House under construction ready for ducted air conditioning install

Sometimes when you are building a new home, ducted air conditioning may not be at the top of your priorities, however, this is the best time to consider installation for many reasons.

Save Money And Time By Installing During The Build

Installing ducted air conditioning during the building process will generally save you time and money and the hassle of installation once your home is complete.

A ducted air conditioning system is similar to a split system in that the outdoor unit is connected to an indoor unit. The difference is that a ducted system is concealed in the ceiling space, making it easier to install during the building stage of a home.

The air flow for a ducted system is directed into each room through ductwork in the roof then out through air vents and grilles in the roof.

What To Expect During The Ducted Air Conditioning Installation?

1. Design, Planning and Quote

At Anrac we are more than happy to work with you through the process and can explain all the steps along the way.

When building your home, as a general idea, in order to provide you with an accurate quote we ask that you send us your house plans. From here, we can automate the heat loads required for you home and each room, using a computer program.

We can then go on and design your air-conditioning to scale, from the size of the unit itself to the ductwork, locations of grilles, the outdoor unit etc.

Once you are happy with the quote and design, if you are building a new home- the installation will take two stages during the construction period.

2. The Rough In

This is the first stage of the installation and will happen during the early stages of construction. This is usually the frame stage, when the slab has been laid and your roof is on (complete with trusses, steel beams and roof cavity).

3. The Fit Off Stage

This is done generally just before or after hand over of your home. Our installers will complete the job, and finalize the installation by commissioning the unit and zone controls and will give you a run down on any queries you may have on how to use the system.

Furthermore, unlike many air conditioning companies, Anrac is both an electrical and air conditioning company therefore we can offer a turn-key solution to all your air conditioning requirements.

We have relationships with multiple trades and are more than happy to assist you with a range of needs, so feel free to ask us about your queries at the time of quotation.